NewFile-OSX is a small but usefull application I wrote to sit in your finder toolbar.
A single click will generate a blank file in the directory

You can download the program from my GitHub

Install Instructions

To install "" copy it to your Applications folder, and then from the applications folder drag it into the Finder toolbar (10.9 Mavericks requires ⌘ + ⌥)
To use, just click on the new button and it instantly generates a new file!


The file generated is an empty file named 'aNewFile' There is no file extention
I chose this as I felt the likeleyhood of an existing file named 'aNewFile' was very small, and was preferable to calling it 'index' which may be used allready.
NO error checking is performed and If an existing file called 'aNewFile' is in the folder when the Application is launched it WILL be overwritten
Also, there is currently no App Icon, If anyone wants to contribute one, then please email me

Update: Icon!

Cory DeVore recently contacted me to say he had made an icon for me! I wont include it by default, but if anyone wants it, Ive made it avaliable to download here!
Thanks Cory!
Click to download!