Looking Inside Baxter

Looking Inside Baxters Back

I had a look inside Baxter today - lots of spare room!

We opened him up in preperation for a possible student project, and I thaught you may want to see inside too!

How to Open

There are 8 hex-screws to open baxter.

The main Back

They are situated around the back of the robot, around the edge of the back plastic part.

Undo them all, and then the back should pop off.

The two back buttons are attached by two small JST connectors, that are labled, pop them off too, and place the back aside.

Whats Inside?

The main Back

I was Plesently suprised to open it up and find a standard dell PC... It is held in place with a few bits of metal and some foam.. Interesting stuff!

The Bottom

Lots of space down here, but all these pesky USBs!

  • For our project we need space down here, so we will probably rerout these to a HUB, or to the top of baxter... lots of spare USBs there!

The Top

This is more interesting - There appears to be a GPIO panel built into the pc, which is a shame because it would have been nice to replace the PC with something smaller.

The Front Round the front is a hole for the air pipes.

A rather large seemingly unnessasary bit of bmetal here, which hopefully can be removed, providing us with a channel, from front to back

By Calum Knott

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