Robot Overloards

Robot Overloards

Playing with robots in London

Last weekend Middlesex Universtiy took part in London Design Week with a pop-up installation entitled "Robot Overloards"

The basic premis was as follows:

  1. Children dress-up as robots
  2. They stand on a pressure mat
  3. The robots decide if the person on the mat is a "ROBOT" or a "HUMAN"
  4. The robots either "work" if they feel the person on the mat is a robot (and thus might replace them) or "relax" if they feel the person on the mat is a human (and thus poses no threat)

Geeky Stuff

To achieve this, we used a pressure-mat connected to a PI, which broadcasted a "pressed/released" topic, and subscribed to these via baxter.

A few technical hurdles which needed to be overcome were as follows:

Baxter has two arms

Baxter has two arms.

Most of our software involved replaying segments of pre-recorded motions.

The script, doesnt allow for multiple playback of different files.

I split this into two seperate scripts,
By Calum Knott

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