ROSCon 2015

ROSCon 2015

Playing with robots in Hamburg...


I am currently away on a work trip to Hamburg at the 2015 ROSCon.

As part of my research, I have spent time working with the Baxter Research robot, and also with a range of other ROS-Based robots we have on campus.

  1. Dissertation - Controlling Baxter with python - Part 1

  2. Dissertation - Main Website

  3. Dissertation - BaxUI

Highlights this year included:

  1. A Brilliant talk by canonical on Ubuntu Snappy Core

  2. A Presentation from a Darpa Robotics team that used ROS

  3. A Set of two presentations (MapViz / BMW) on Automated Driving with ROS

  4. A "State of play" presentation, on ROS 2

  5. Lighting talks (3min talks, open contribution)


What blog post would be complete without a few nice scenic pictures!

Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg

By Calum Knott

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