Autodesk Inventor (Getting Started)

And so it begins...

As part of my ongoing work at a London college, I am starting to teach Autodesk inventor. This post is one of thoes ones that serves really only to collect some thaughts and hopefully provide someone with a usefull index of information for the future. A small confession, before beginning to teach the software, I had used it exactly once. Its easy to pick up. In the past I have used Blender and more importantly Solidworks, and found the transition very simple.



Some excelent tutorials can be found care of Mr Brunelle's website. They teach very thouraghly step by step how to setup and use autocad. I would note that if teaching a beginners class, It may be wise to skil the tutorial steps invoving seting up projects and workspaces. My experiance tends to be the quicker you get something "3D" on the screen, the more you will keep the attention of the class. I decided that Lego was a good way to go when teaching Inventor basics. It allows you to explore many of the features, extrudes, cuts, shells, fillets, and the measurements are easy to remember (basically everything is a multiple of 4mm) I drew 3 or 4 measurements into inventor, and then created design drawings for them.

From the design drawings, I asked the class to model each block into the software. The final goal will be for them to assemble a basic lego car.


I only actually followed one drawing tutorial, a very helpfull youtube video From there, I simply gave a live demo of these features, and got the class to produce drawings of the Lego Bricks I had previously got them to model. More to follow, stay tuned :)

By Calum Knott

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