I made a little GUI for explaining Mecanum Wheels

I had a look inside Baxter today - lots of spare room!


Playing with robots in London

Playing with robots in Hamburg...

A different kind of commit

Fun to play, free to use, kits avaliable!

This post has been written to aid in the teaching of a Arduino Course at Middlesex University.

I get a fair few PCB's made...

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery...

How to get CH340G chips working on OSX EL CAPITAN

I seem to have been gathering attention #wtfduino

Quick video tutorial on how to Program the ESP8266 with Arduino IDE from OSX

ESPINOUP is a BETA service for uploading .ino files to an arduio over the cloud

A small code snippet for non-linear mapping in Python/Javascript

Did somebody say 'Rollercoaster Simulator' ...

A few bits and bobs...

So I met Theo Theo Paphitis...

Finally Public, my dissertaion

It has been a busy few months

Running python code in the browser!

As part of a possible upcoming project, I have spent the aftenoon looking at the Tower of Hanoi.

A video-tutorial for 3D games in godot

A micro-tutorial on how to make a plugin for godot.

I wrote a game!

Some sample code for the Hub-ee wheels

A simple intro into GUI creation with Python and OpenCV

So following on in a series of blog posts relating to my major project at middlsex University, I have begun to use the Baxter robot.

This is an introduction into more complex shape detection with OpenCV

So I built a fun blocks simuator...

So earlier in the year I won a gold medal...

So a while back I started to write a 'Beginning Web Development' post on reddit, Ive copied it here incase its usefull to anyone.

One of my university modules at the moment involves using a CRS Industrial robotic arm.

Well this is fun!