Space Shooter

Space Shooter is a small game writen in the goDot enigne

You can download the game from here:
Space Shooter (OSX)
Space Shooter (WIN)

Or the Source, Here: Space Shooter Source

NOTE! The source does NOT include the font for license reasons.
You can get it here: Cubano

Full Video Tutorial

You heard that right, There is a full length video tutorial showing you how to make this game from start to finish!

It shows you how to right every line of code, and teaches a great introduction to goDot.

How Exciting!

Go watch it

Game Instructions

Similar to many other great simple shooting games:
Go left and right with the arrow keys.
"Space bar" shoots
"Enter" will restart the game.

Assets & Credits!

Amazing space graphics (FREE FOR ANYTHING) - by
Cubano font (FREE FOR PERSONAL USE) - Lost Type